Because life feels better fit!

Don’t want to use a gym?

Don’t have time or patience for lengthy workouts?

Need an adaptable workout that can be done from home & or your local park?

Want to move your body, breath fresh air and be more in-tune with nature?

Emily will create an individual  program that works for you in your life.

Want to combine Yoga into your fitness so that you are not having to attend many different classes.

Want one stop shop for Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Life coaching.


Don’t have time?


Juggling it all?

Make working out work for you!

Learn how in just 30 minutes a day you can become your best you!


30 mins is all it takes with Emily’s one to one personal fitness sessions.


Learn how you can cut through your excuses, create time & make it happen!

You can hire Emily for personal sessions, group classes & retreats.

Get Fit with Emily @ ImagineIcan

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  • 6 hours over 3 to 6 weeks of one-to-one with Emily
  • Your own Personal fitness program
  • Food advice that suits your life
  • How you can LOVE your body shape
  • How you can achieve your best body shape
  • Health & optimal wellness success

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BE the change you want to see in your life  Feel Good NOW

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