Juggling it all?

Kids, career, home, social, family, relationships & everything else…

Make working out work for you!

Learn how you can in just 30 minutes a day & become your best you ever!

Lets be honest life feels better fit!

Don’t want to use a gym?

Don’t have the time or patience for lengthy workouts?

Need an adaptable workout that can be done from home & or your local park?

Want to move your body, breath fresh air and be more in-tune with nature?

Want a one stop shop for Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Life coaching?


If yes to the above, then you are in the right place!


Emily will create an individual health & wellness plan that works for you in your life.

Just fitness or combine with Yoga & cut out memberships, travel & do it from home.


30 mins is all it takes.


Learn how you can cut through your excuses, create time & make it happen!

You can hire Emily for personal training, couples training, group classes & Residential Retreats.

Get Fit with Emily @ ImagineIcan

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  • 6 weeks to a new body 
  • Personalised holistic program
  • Diet advice that suits your life
  • Learn to LOVE your body
  • Achieve  & Maintain your best body
  • Optimal wellness success

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BE the change you want to see in your life  Feel Good NOW

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